Mommy and Me BUNDLE

  • Mommy and Me BUNDLE

Mommy and Me BUNDLE


Whole family hearing protection is offered with our Custom Ear Plugs (PRO Series or Sleepsound) + Banz bundle.  

In the notes section, please include your color choice for Banz and your plugs as well as the size (Baby or Kids) for the Banz order. 

PRO Series Custom Earplugs

PRO filtered hearing protectors are the best sounding earplugs on the market. Choose your level of sound reduction with either a 10dB, 15dB, 17dB, 20dB or 26dB filter.

SleepSound earplugs are custom molded, soft silicone earplugs that reduce sound by 33dB. SleepSounds are designed for sleep in that they are cut out in such a way that they are comfortable no matter whether you sleep on your side, stomach or back. 

Banz for Baby Or Kids


  • Over-ear design
  • Provides hearing protection from loud noises
  • Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand for easy storage/carry
  • Soft head band and cushion cups ensure comfort for little ones