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    Cord Only


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    Haley Ali
    Cheap/poor attachment

    After my second use, the cord detached from the plastic knob.

    Christopher Mackin
    Love my earplugs!

    The process was super easy and the fit is perfect!

    Samuel Wolloch
    1of1 Custom Earplugs w/Chord

    These earplugs are an essential investment if you are serious about live music and hearing preservation. I added the chord to my earplug order and it was a great purchase because it has saved them from getting lost or getting dirty by falling on the floor. I also like how the left/right color was enhanced and much easier to see by incorporating them into the chord attachment. The product keeps getting better with each iteration!

    Matthew James
    Great experience

    Quality product and quick turnaround time from taking ear molds to getting the plugs in the mail. Fit like a glove.

    Robert Barr
    Love my Pro 17s

    I work in the brewing industry which means there is constant droning of pumps and other noises all day long. The pro 17s have been great for this environment. I can still hear music, necessary machinery, and voices. I have had them for a few weeks and have worn them 10-12 hours a day since then. Though they do get sweaty like any earplug, they are simple to wipe off and put right back in. I highly recommend them.