Welcome to our most frequently asked questions (FAQ) section that can give you the most up to date information and advice all all our our products, services and instructions for everything related from hearing protection and in ear monitoring.

What is 1of1 Custom's address?

Production, Sales, and Impression-taking services:
1of1 Custom
353 Beach Road
Burlingame, CA 94010

New York Sales and Impression-taking services:
By appointment only. Please see the book an appointment page for upcoming fitting dates. 

Philadelphia Sales and Impression-taking services:
By appointment only. Please email Jaye Hamel to schedule an impression. 


Los Angeles Sales and Impression-taking services:
By appointment only. Please see the book an appointment page for upcoming fitting dates. 

Nashville Sales and Impression-taking services:
By appointment only. We are located in Franklin and available for impression services by appointment.  


How do I get impressions taken of my ears if I'm not near one of your locations?

Impression services are fairly common and are offered at most hearing clinics, audiology practices and through Ear, Nose & Throat doctors. Please see the impression guidelines page for full details on submitting impressions.

How much do ear impressions cost?

The price of impressions depends on the audiologist. Often the price ranges between $40-$120. If you are in the  Los Angeles, Nashville, New York City, Philadelphia, or San Francisco Bay area, 1of1 Custom will take your impressions for free with purchase (normally $75).

How do I purchase products from 1of1 Custom?

Once you have chosen the best product for your situation, personalize your new ear wear and place your order via our online shop. During the personalization we ask a few questions to match your order to your ear impressions. If you do not yet have your ear impressions in our lab, please answer "no" to this question. 

If your ear impressions are on file from a previous order, production will begin immediately. 

If we do not yet have your impressions, please see our impression guidelines and book an appointment page. Your order will be placed on hold until you either see us for ear impressions or see an audiologist in your area and send them to us. 

We do not send a kit for ear impressions.

What happens to my ear-impressions after I send the to 1of1 Custom?

Ear impressions are processed, digitally stored for 4 years, and then properly discarded. We do not hold physical impressions.

What if I want my ear-impressions sent back to me after processing?

Ear-impressions are typically not usable after processing and therefore properly discarded.  For a fee of $75, 1of1 Custom will send a digitally scanned ear impression at customer request.  Unfortunately, the physical ear impression is not available after processing.

How long does 1of1 Custom hold my impressions for?

1of1 Custom will digitally store impressions for 4 years. This means if you want to purchase another product or if you lost your current product you will not need to send another set of impressions to 1of1.

What is the turnaround time?

Normal turnaround time is about 3 weeks from when we receive your impressions in our lab (located in Burlingame, CA) to when they ship. Please allow time to both ship the impressions to us and have the product shipped back to you when considering total turnaround time.

Do you offer rush services?

Rush services are available for a fee and can be requested by emailing info@1of1custom.com. A rush production fee is charged to expedite production. Rush production can not begin until 1of1 receives the impressions in our Burlingame lab.

If the order is to be received by a specific date, rush shipping may also be required with either overnight or 2 day shipping. 1of1 is not responsible for delays in shipping that may happen as a result of weather or errors on the part of the shipper. 

What is the insurance and how do I get my replacements?

For a fee of $50, the insurance locks in  a 50% discount on your next (2) sets of earplugs, good for 2 years from the original purchase.

If you have purchased the insurance and want to order your replacements, please call or email us with your order details and we'll send an invoice for your replacements.

Things to know about our insurance:

  • You don't have to lose your first set of earplugs to get your replacement plugs.
  • You do need purchase your replacement plugs within 2 years of the original set. 
  • You can purchase a single earplug with the replacements or a full set. 
  • You can change the color, filter level and type of earplug on the replacements. They do not need to be identical to the original set.
  • If you forgot to add insurance but it's still within 2 years of your original set, we can retroactivate the insurance but this will not extend the time period for purchase of the replacements.

In the package, I received a cream and a pick. What are they for?

The comfort cream aids the insertion of your 1of1 Custom product into your ears. The wax pick is designed to remove wax and dirt from the sound tubes in your product.

What happens if my package is lost or stolen?

It is important we have your correct shipping information. 1of1 is not responsible for lost or stolen packages. If your package is returned to sender, we will require shipping to be covered and the address corrected prior to resending. We encourage our clients to select UPS or Fed Ex delivery services to minimize the chance of a package being lost or stolen.


Is there a warranty?

When buying a custom fitting product, you should be 100% satisfied with the fit. We offer a 45 day warranty on fit issues for both earplugs and in-ear monitors. If you aren't happy with the fit please email us with a description of the issue.

If you aren't happy with how your filtered earplugs sound, please email us to inquire about a filter swap. All requests must be received within 45 days of receipt of the plugs. 

In-ear monitors offer a 45 day on fit issues and a 1 year warranty on components.

How do I apply for a job or internship at 1of1 Custom?

1of1 Custom is always looking for talented people. Please send your cover letter and resume to info@1of1custom.com.