1of1 Custom

Since 2011, 1of1 Custom (formerly ACS Custom USA) has been dedicated to providing customers with a variety of solutions to their hearing needs. 

The 1of1 Custom team, then with another company, set up operations in New York City and has developed a huge following with artists such as The Strokes, Imagine Dragons, ZEDD using its hearing protection and/or in-ear monitors. Outside of the pro-audio application, 1of1 products are selected by audiophiles and music lovers to provide a stunning audio experience that reveals music at a level of indescribable detail.

Since introducing the first ever soft silicone in ear monitor to North America, 1of1 Custom has continued to be at the forefront of innovation and product development and is home to the flattest attenuating earplug in the world, the PRO17.

With R&D pumping the 1of1 Custom heart, 2014 saw the full launch of the groundbreaking Live! Series ambient system, which allows users of LIVE! in-ear monitors the ability to introduce and control the ambient surroundings into their monitor mix in the most natural way possible.

By 2016, 1of1 Custom opened a new modern 3D manufacturing facility in Silicon Valley.

Leading the way as the only fully 3D in-ear monitor & hearing protection manufacturer in the country, 1of1 Custom products guarantee 100% consistency and fast manufacturing. Customers with 3D scanners are now able to send ear scans electronically lab and manufacturing can begin instantly.