1of1 Custom

Essential for Your Ears

Custom earplugs and in-ear monitors can be life-changing investments. 1of1’s mission is to make investing in hearing protection easy and accessible for everyone. Our journey began in 2011 as ACS Custom USA. In 2017, we evolved into the 1of1 Custom brand, broadening our product line and establishing ourselves as North America’s premier custom hearing protection brand.

1of1 proudly serves with the nation’s top performing musicians, music venues, agencies, and is the preferred hearing protection provider for festival goers, music enthusiasts, and audiophiles. While 1of1 is renowned for aiding those in the music industry to hear safely, we also cater to individuals in motorsports, shooting sports, and other loud occupational settings.

1of1 Custom products are known for being the most comfortable and best-sounding plugs and monitors on the market. They are backed by a commitment to perfect fit and excellent sound quality. Our team of professionals boasts a combined 20 years of industry experience. Passionate about both music and hearing protection, our agents are professionally trained in hearing instrument science.

Every 1of1 product is proudly made in the USA. Our manufacturing lab is situated in the San Francisco Bay area and staffed by a dedicated team of technicians. We take immense pride in our customer service and strive to cultivate long-term relationships with all our clients. As hearing protection becomes a standard accessory in your music toolkit, 1of1 endeavors to be your preferred provider of hearing protection and custom IEMs.