Are you someone who enjoys music or motorsports? Do you have loud hobbies? Are you passionate about protecting your hearing?

1of1 Custom is a manufacturer of custom hearing protection and in-ear monitors. The primary industries 1of1 Custom serves are music, motorsports, and shooting in addition to servicing those that work around loud events. 1of1 Custom works with the top entertainment professionals in the world, given that our work is highly specialized and valued by those that use our products.  

Interested in a position with us? We are hiring!

Sales Agent - US Nationwide

The candidate we are seeking has a background in one of our core industries and is passionate about hearing protection.   

1of1 Custom has an open position for a Sales Agent in the major metropolitan areas in the United States. This is a part time, remote based position with clients either seeing you at your home or a location or your choosing or you traveling to them. Pay is fully commission based however 1of1 Custom will offer support by providing an existing client base. 1of1 Custom will provide training for impression services and product knowledge. This role is ideal for a gig worker in a related field.  

    Key Role and Responsibilities:
  • Assist with returning customer calls and emails
  • Be available a minimum of 1-2x/week and for a minimum of 6 hours (total) for ear impression services
  • Take ear impressions, process orders and submit all to the lab for production and execution.
  • Provide a high level of customer service and ensure client satisfaction
  • Work with Sales Manager to identify potential venue and corporate clients and plan outreach strategy
  • Assist with creating content for socials

  • Must have transportation
  • Be comfortable working and touching others' ears and execute safety at all times. This is a high touch job with low risk so long as all steps are taken in accordance with the training provided. 
  • Prior experience in audiology, nursing, healthcare or other body work preferred
  • Possess good communication skills
  • Regularly outreach to prospective clients in the greater metro area of the city closest to you
  • Must be reliable, responsible and confident
  • Able to follow direction with minimal supervision and stay on task
  • Willingness to work additional hours including nights and weekends including travel as requested by 1of1 Custom
  • 1of1 Custom will provide training for impression services and product knowledge. Group and corporate fittings will typically take place at the client’s location. Travel will be covered by the employee up to a 50 mile radius from the downtown metro area – or the employee may charge the client for travel however this must be discussed with the sales manager prior to quoting the client.
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