Occupational hearing protection is an area of business where 1of1 AIMs to have a huge impact. Our AIM line of custom hearing protection was created with the Automotive, Industrial and Manufacturing industries in mind. 1of1 sales specialists will work with your human resources department to ensure that your employees receive OSHA approved, ANSI certified protection by developing a hearing protection plan for your company that includes a sound analysis and employee specific recommendations for hearing protection.  From vented hearing solutions, various filters, complete blocks, or communication solutions, 1of1 Custom has the items to meet your hearing protection needs to keep your company running smoothly and safely.  

By opting for a custom hearing plan, we can show you how you’ll be saving both on cost and on carbon output while also offering a more comfortable, better sounding option to employees. 

To receive a quote and understand how custom hearing protection can fit your work situation, please feel free to contact us.