1of1 Custom and ACS Custom USA Endorsement Application & Agreement

Thank you for your interest in becoming an 1of1 Custom / ACS Custom USA endorsee.

Before you get started on the application, we would like to explain what it means to be part of the 1of1/ACS family and why we welcome artists into our family. In its simplest form, an endorsement is an official relationship between the artist and the best silicone IEM and hearing protection manufacturing company in the US.

If signed to an endorsement deal, contingent on our written or verbal agreement, we will provide you with our product at a discounted rate or complimentary, and in exchange, we ask that you promote the use of our product to other musicians, your fan base, and outlets at your disposal.

To apply as an endorsee, we would like to know the reach of you or your band, the venues you play, your social network, etc. While these are all important factors, we are looking for advocates and ambassadors. We are looking for partners who want to use the best products on the market, and in exchange, are willing spread the word about us and encourage others to use 1of1/ACS for their in-ear monitoring and hearing protection needs.

We are supporting you as an artist and expect you to help support us as a business.

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