The success of the 1of1 Brand in the music industry naturally led the company to expand further into the world of entertainment. From production and lighting crews on TV and movie sets to camera crews in the NFL, our products span a range of uses for the entertainment sector. Our clients include stage-hands using our PRO Impulse filters to protect their ears when building sets, camera teams seeking out custom single side communication earpieces with specific cable adaptability, and TV broadcasters requiring discrete custom earpieces for broadcast. Our capabilities are endless with 1of1 Custom technology. Further setting us further apart from the competition is our closeness to the entertainment world. 1of1 has offices in all the major entertainment hubs including NYC, LA, Nashville, Philadelphia and the Bay Area. Our on-site molding services are the most utilized by those in entertainment. We’ll meet clients at a time and location that best suits their schedules.  

If you would like to learn how 1of1 Custom can provide you or your company with innovative custom hearing solutions, please feel free to contact us.