• PRO IMPULSE Filter



Note: Price is per filter.  Order quantity 2 for a pair.

Protection from impulse related noise

The PRO Impulse is designed to protect against gunfire, artillery noise and impulse sounds such as nail guns and riveting. Triggered by the distinct shape of an impulse sound wave, the PRO Impulse compresses impulse noises of 130dB or more while also allowing in ambient sound and conversation. This filter has been tested for environment sustainability in both hot and cold temperatures, sandstorms and is comfortable for long term wear.  Like all our earplugs, the PRO Impulse can be worn comfortably under helmets, earmuffs and in situations that require double protection. The PRO Impulse is suitable for outdoor and  it is recommended that over the earmuffs also be worn when indoors*


  • Shooting enthusiasts 
  • Construction Workers
  • Police Officers & Military 

*Noise induced hearing loss is impacted by both intensity of sound and length of exposure time. To best protect your hearing, it is important to know your noise exposure levels and monitor your exposure time. When shooting or working indoors, it is critical that you know the sound levels of the equipment in use by both you and those around you as they may be using equipment that requires double hearing protection. 

Note: PRO filters are only compatible with PRO custom ear plugs.