PRO 27 Filter

  • PRO 27 Filter
  • PRO 27 Filter
  • PRO 27 Filter

PRO 27 Filter


Note: Price is per filter.  Order quantity 2 for a pair.


The PRO27 offers the highest level of protection in the PRO series range and is ideal for those in very loud, challenging sound environments.  With 23dB of reduction in the low to mid frequencies and up to 34dB at 8K, this filter is similar to the PRO26 but offers slightly less protection in the low end and slightly more protection in the higher frequencies. Listen  safely in noise levels up to 112dB with up to 8 hours of continual exposure time. *


  • Tour Managers
  • Bartenders, servers and those working in nightclubs and music venues
  • Sound and lighting engineers
  • Music lovers, concert goers, ravers and dance fiends 
  • Motorcyclists & Motor Sports Enthusiasts
  • Photographers 
  • Boaters & Sailors
  • IT Server Room Workers
  • Those exposed to loud sounds for long periods of time

*Noise induced hearing loss is impacted by both intensity of sound and length of exposure time. To best protect your hearing it is important to know your noise exposure levels and monitor your exposure time.  

Note: PRO filters are only compatible with PRO custom ear plugs.


Download PRO 27 Specification Sheet here